To keep our students focused on their goals, we meet with them regularly to ensure that they are taking the courses that are required for their degree plans.  Success Coaches have frequent status checks with their student throughout the semester and the Student Coordinators manage the end of semester reviews, where progress on the student’s degree plan is evaluated.

Additionally, every semester, our students complete a confidential survey to assess factors (on a scale of 1 to 5) that may impact their academic success.  These factors are overall health/wellness/nutrition, family and other relationships, job working hours, motivation level, housing and transportation resources, and whether they are considering a change in field of study.  The survey responses are correlated to their GPA to ascertain whether they are encountering barriers and how solutions may be developed to remove barriers.

Whether it is changing majors, having unexpected life events, or not being able to get into certain classes, the best laid plans often need to be reworked.  Through ongoing educational planning, our students always have a resource to help create action plans on how to reach their goals.


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