Your gift helps us fund scholarships, and we provide students coaching, tutoring, career counseling, and life skills workshops.  With your aid, we can help the Hendrick Scholars gain the tools they need to build their own success and end the cycle of hardship. The support system is the “secret sauce” and is what differentiates HSF from other scholarships. 

Now, more than ever, nonprofits need consistent funding, because those that they serve are in great need. Thank you for your support of all our remarkable students so that they will not have to decide between earning living expenses or continuing their college education.

Hendrick Scholarship Foundation: More than a degree. Changing lives.

Did you know?

  • Collin College Student Tuition
    • $750/semester
    • $1,500/year
  • University Student Tuition
    • $3,000/semester
    • $6,000/year
  • 4-year Tuition Support = $15,000 (2 years at Collin and 2 years at University)

Thank you for supporting our students!