University of Texas at Arlington Graduation 2018

“I have spent the past four years being blessed by the wonderful staff, volunteers, and donors of the Hendrick Scholarship Foundation. I remember when I was in the interview process for the scholarship and I was seven months pregnant interviewing to receive the scholarship and praying on how I was going to make them believe in me just enough during that interview to give me a chance to go through college. Lucky enough they saw the fight in me and the motivation I had towards my plan in becoming a registered nurse that they assisted me to where I am today, graduating in December with my bachelor in science of nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington….

This was not an easy road, I have called crying many times but the staff not only uplifted me but reminded me what I’m striving for. Without Hendrick I know my life would be a lot harder and it would have taken me years to earn enough money to attend school and support my family. I want to thank Hendrick Scholarship foundation and the people that take their time to donate and come to our events. With the support of you all I was able to become a registered nurse and provide a better life not only for myself but for my son that watched me every step of the way. Not all angels wear wings, some work at Hendrick. Thank you.” –Jayla and Jayden Rutledge