Their Stories: Portraits of Perseverance


NOTE: Due to the sensitive nature of some of the students’ stories, to protect their privacy, we have left out identifying information.

No matter how life hits you or how hard, you always have to stand back up on both feet and keep walking tall.

A.G. – Hendrick scholar

Knowing that neither of my parents graduated from college encourages me to graduate college and set an example for the generations that will come after me.

K.D. – Hendrick scholar

I feel that education is the only way out for me and the only way that I can turn my life around for good.

J.H. – Hendrick scholar

I want to be able to help kids like me learn from their struggles instead of succumbing to them.

M.C. – Hendrick scholar

More than just the degree: the mentoring opportunity blessed me with the ability to be able to connect with a wonderful woman/mentor that walked a career path that I want to walk in education.