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The College and Career Coach/Mentor (Coach) serves as the keystone of the Hendrick program. Just as a sports coach would guide an athlete, the Hendrick coach supports the student’s success by giving guidance and advice, being a source of motivation and encouragement, and modeling behaviors and attitudes.

Hendrick Scholarship Foundation
College & Career Coach

Hendrick doesn’t just provide money for college tuition scholarships; we also provide the support system necessary for these students to achieve success. We fill the void left by their adverse and challenging environment. Our students get a dedicated academic advisor, tutors, and coaches to support them throughout their college journey, as well as life ready workshops teaching study skills, interview and resume writing skills, and financial literacy and budgeting. This proven approach, developed over 29 years, has resulted in a graduation rate more than triple the state average for this demographic. And Hendrick keeps getting better currently delivering a retention rate of more the 90%.

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