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James H. Boswell Award

About the Award

The James H. Boswell Award was created in 2009 by Star Children’s Charity to honor the leadership and spirit of service and giving to the Collin County community that so exemplified the life of the late Jim Boswell, also known as “Mr. Plano.” In 2014, the Hendrick Scholarship Foundation was asked to continue this important award, which will be presented annually at their Taste of Elegance event.

                                                                                                                         2023 Rutledge Haggard                                                                                                                            2022 Mary Jo Dean
2019 Becky and Greg McKinney
2019 Outstanding Service Awards
– “Individual” Tom Donaldson
– “Corporate” Frost/C. Rooney
2018 Outstanding Service Awards – “Individual” Mary Jo Dean
– “Corporate Sponsor” Toyota of Plano
2017 Jacque Johnston & Robert Lee
2016 Marty Taylor
2015 Nancy Boyd
2012 Jan Richey
2011 Robbie Robinson
2010 Jenny McCall
2009 Jim Boswell

To be considered for the James H. Boswell Award, an individual’s philanthropic efforts in Collin County must demonstrate leadership and service and have left a lasting and visible mark on the community, as defined by his or her “giving, leading and serving.   ”