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Workshop Requirements:

Freshman: attend 3 HSF workshops per academic year

Reason: Create connections with HSF. Starting college can be hard and these workshops are specific to your phase of life. This will help create connections with other Hendrick scholars as well. Offered on Zoom with breakout rooms.

Sophomore (+): attend 3 campus workshops per academic year

Reason: Statistically, students are more successful in college if they get involved on campus. The goal is to meet other students, connect to campus resources, network, etc. Campuses offer virtual workshops as well to accommodate.

*Workshop must be a learning environment*

Proof of workshop: submit a paragraph of what you learned/what it was about. Submission Form


We will offer one on one advisement to prepare you for the workforce. Your coach and coordinator will contact you. Must meet 3 times.


All Hendrick Workshops are still available to students for participation credit.

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