In addition to receiving one-to-one coaching, as well as tutoring when needed, students are given the opportunity to participate in life skills workshops throughout the year and are required to attend at least two sessions.

Topics may include effective study habits, professional etiquette, developing a professional network, leadership skills, financial literacy (such as how to manage credit, how to buy a car, or understanding income taxes and insurance), creating a vision-board, wellness and personal development, and identifying appropriate career paths. (Workshops are open to the community, upon request, as space permits.)

We are thankful to Collin College for their generosity over the years for providing a location for our workshops, as well as presenters on certain topics.

During the current stay-at-home routine, due to the covid-19 pandemic, we have recently pivoted our workshops to be presented in a virtual manner.  Ironically, we’ve found a silver lining in that student attendance at workshops has increased, as the content can be viewed from any location.  Students can participate with live interaction.  And, we are creating a library of workshops so that students may view them at any time.

Some of the more recent workshops have included:

  • Strategies for Success in a Virtual Environment
  • Live Today. Learn Forever – Strategies for Stress Management
  • Strategies for Success in Healthcare Fields

Looking for opportunities for community engagement? 

Become one of our partners to present a workshop to our students!  If you or your company has expertise in a topic that provides relevant learning for our college students, we welcome the opportunity to have you present a workshop.  

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