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Scholar Stories: Portraits of Perseverance

NOTE: Due to the sensitive nature of some of the students’ stories, to protect their privacy, we have left out identifying information.

Galvan Alfredo

The program has helped me a lot financially, but, on top of that, they have helped me connect with a lot of people, like my coach Nick Smith. He really helped me with a lot of things, like guiding me through all my classes. If I have any questions about certain material, I could go with him and just talk about it. However, after the first few meetings, hanging with Nick didn't just become somewhere I needed to go, but somewhere I wanted to go just because we just clicked. I like to go with him just to hang, talk about the field, and new things coming up.

Knowing that neither of my parents graduated from college encourages me to graduate college and set an example for the generations that will come after me.

Student scholar smiling

I feel that education is the only way out for me and the only way that I can turn my life around for good.

I want to be able to help kids like me learn from their struggles instead of succumbing to them.

Female student scholar smiling