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Community Referrals

HSF’s mission is to provide Plano ISD graduates, who have overcome adversity in their young lives, with scholarships and a unique support system to promote success in life through education. Inherently, because our students have overcome adversity, they may encounter obstacles during their pursuit of a college degree.

In fact, the odds are stacked against them. These are examples of challenges our students have faced: single parent family, incarcerated parent, loss of a parent(s), abandonment (raised by grandparent or other), foster program, self-emancipated, housing insecure, cerebral palsy, living as a transgender person, depression, victim of sexual abuse, or bullying because of a profound stutter.

Therefore, our Success Coaches maintain frequent contact with their student. Student Coordinators manage the end of semester reviews. Our Student Success Committee oversees the program components that support the mission of the organization. Throughout the semester, students communicate with us, and at times, we find they need additional assistance.

We provide referrals to various community resources, such as:

HSF provides students with opportunities beyond an education; the network of the “Hendrick family” of peer students, volunteers, board members, and staff has an immeasurable impact on the students’ lives.

More than a degree. Changing lives.