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Be a Coach

The HSF coaching program is the main differentiator between HSF and other scholarship organizations. One-to-one coaching is a significant contributor to a student’s academic success.

Since many of our students are the first in their family to attend college, they may be unfamiliar with the culture of higher education and may not have the benefit of learning from their family members’ college experience. Being a college student is a dramatic lifestyle change from being a high schooler and having a coach to guide a student through the transition is an important factor which increases their odds for success.

Students are each assigned a Coach to mentor them throughout the college journey. Coaches help their student monitor progress with their degree plan and stay on track to meet the Hendrick program requirements. They also provide direction with important decisions regarding other aspects of their student’s life and help guide students to learn to manage their time, set priorities, and develop good study habits. A coach is an advocate and a supportive resource, providing encouragement and helping the student stay focused on his or her goals.

Our Coaches are a team of volunteers comprised of current and retired educators, business professionals, and community volunteers dedicated to supporting all students. They bring with them a vast array of experience from various industries and a strong network. They attend annual training to understand their role in lending to student success.

A Student’s perspective: what’s in it for me? Students receive benefits from the HSF program beyond a scholarship; the network of the “Hendrick family” of peer students, alumni students, Coaches, Student Coordinators, volunteers, board members, and staff has an immeasurable positive impact on our students’ lives. 

Expectations of a Coach:
  • A willingness to learn about their student and build a relationship
  • Connect with their student once a month (phone, Zoom, or in person)
  • Attend end of semester Student Reviews (January and June)
  • Inform the Student Success Committee of any needs or questions that arise
  • Fill out a Coach Survey once a semester
  • The Coach commitment is for 4-6 years with the same student. This creates consistency and stability for the student.

Interested in becoming a coach?

I enjoy mentoring young adults and know HSF’s student success program is what differentiates HSF from other organizations who offer merely financial support. Although tuition is the most visible obstacle our students face, our student success program provides the robust support model to help student's reach their goals with greater ease. They are supported by a network of people to help them understand the culture of college, achieve academic success and develop life skills.