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More Than Scholarships

Having financial access to college does not guarantee success in college. To support our students, we provide ongoing guidance and assistance throughout their time in college.


As is often the case with young adults, many students are not sure what their career paths should be or what majors to pursue. We help them to explore career options, take interest and aptitude assessments, and think through their choices.

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Since most of our students are the first in their families to go to college, they have not had the benefit of hearing from family members about what to expect from the college experience. Being a college student is a lifestyle change which impacts all the various aspects of their lives so having a coach will guide them through the transition.

Our coaches help students to monitor their own progress with their degree plans, as well as meeting Hendrick program requirements.  They also help students think through important decisions regarding other aspects of their lives. Coaches are the students’ cheerleaders and encourage them to stay focused on the achieving their goals.


To keep our students focused on their goals, we meet with them regularly to ensure that they are taking the courses that are required for their degree plans. Whether it is changing majors or having unexpected life events or not being able to get into certain classes, the best laid plans often need to be reworked so through ongoing academic planning, our students always have a resource to help create action plans on how to reach their goals.


During the years that students are in college, they move from being teenagers into adulthood. They need to be able to make informed decisions about issues such as where to live, how to market themselves to potential employers, how to be choose wisely when buying a car or renting an apartment, how to handle credit, etc. Therefore, we offer a series of life skills workshops which provides “real world” practical information.


Our Board and our other volunteers serve as a network of contacts and assist in providing referrals to our students to help connect them with community resources for meeting needs such as food and shelter.


Students are awarded scholarships up to a maximum total of $15,000. Scholarship amount per semester varies based on GPA and credits, as well  as whether the student starts at Collin College or a 4-year university. A typical distribution is a as follows:  $1500 per school year for freshman and sophomore years and $6,000 per school year at a university for junior and senior years


Students are required to turn in class schedules at the beginning of each semester and their grades at the end of each semester.

Transcripts are reviewed each semester to ensure that students are choosing classes that apply towards their degree plan.

Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5. If a student drops below 2.5, s/he will not be eligible for a scholarship the following semester until the GPA is restored by taking courses at their own expense.



New students are required to attend a 1 day orientation during the summer before their first semester in college. During the orientation, students will learn about a variety of topics, ranging from how to choose and register for classes, how to find academic support, and how to get involved with student life.


Students will participate in workshops throughout the year. Topics will range from how to manage credit, how to buy a used car, how to develop a professional network, and how to identify appropriate career paths.

Student Symposium

Each year, HSF hosts a Student Symposium to help the students explore career opportunities through panels, lectures and a career expo.


So that students appreciate the hard work that their community puts into fundraising activities, students are required to help at our fundraising events.

Holiday Luncheon

At the end of every year, HSF invites the students, coaches and donors to come together to celebrate. Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Rutledge Haggard, the event is held at the Haggard Party Barn in Plano, TX. Graduates are honored and students speak to their successes and triumphs.