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Margaret Bradley, a Plano resident for many years, contributed to numerous charitable organizations and groups in Plano with her volunteer time, her marketing and publishing skills, and her knowledge of promotion through print media. She volunteered her time at the Plano schools her children attended. She truly appreciated the benefits that a good education and learning atmosphere could provide. The Hendrick Scholarship Foundation and the Plano Education Foundation were two of her favorite organizations, and their work closely followed her own interests in helping others gain a quality education. Margaret exemplified the kind of caring and giving person the world needs more of. She would be thrilled to know that this scholarship will give a deserving PISD student the opportunity of fulfilling their dream of a college education and hopefully opening that door to others as well. Margaret’s favorite bit of advice was “Enjoy every moment” and she strived to do just that. Through this scholarship her legacy will live on as HSF scholars attain their dreams and enjoy a bright future. Margaret died in 2017 due to complications from pulmonary fibrosis.